About VentureWeekend

ABOUT VentureWeekend

How many times have you or one of your friends had a really great idea for a startup, but never implemented it? Maybe there wasn’t enough money, access to people with complementary skills, or enough confidence to get it off the ground. VentureWeekend provides the opportunity to:

  • show off your skills
  • meet potential partners and mentors
  • pitch an idea to a panel of potential investors
  • develop a prototype
  • build momentum to sustain a startup company outside the event.
"VentureWeekend was an awesome experience that taught me so much about what it means to start a business- all over three intense days!"- Nicole Gabarino, VentureWeekend Participant 

The mission of VentureWeekend is to build the next generation of entrepreneurs. We do this by providing a hands-on start up experience to participants and by connecting those participants with a powerful network of mentors, investors and talent.

Over one weekend, participants will create:

  • business models
  • contact with potential customers
  • prototypes
  • business pitches
  • lasting professional and personal relationships