What is VentureWeekend?

VentureLab Weekend is an educational three-day weekend program that teaches entrepreneurship to anyone interested in learning about it with a focus on college students. Participants are given lectures on market research and pitching as well as help from some of the top mentors from the San Antonio area! 

The weekend begins with an overview of the program and an introduction to brainstorming. Students work on their business ideas in teams, interspersed with sessions on topics such as idea generation, market research and customer feedback, prototyping, and pitching. If you’ve never had any experience with entrepreneurship before, that’s ok – we’ll teach you the fundamentals and help you apply them in your groups! On Sunday night, all teams do a pitch presentation to a panel of local entrepreneurs and investors to complete the VentureWeekend experience.


We hold the event several times a year. Our next event is May 1st-3rd. 


VentureWeekend will be held at VentureLab -- 1112 S. St. Mary's St., San Antonio, TX 78210.


VentureWeekend is for college students and young professionals of all backgrounds - no entrepreneurship experience necessary! 

What happens to my IP? 

Your intellectual property is yours to keep. Our event has an educational focus and is designed to help you meet connections and mentors to help your idea grow. At the end of the event we do not claim any ownership regardless of your participation with VentureLab. 

Am I expected to stay all weekend?

Official programming begins at 3 PM Friday and students are expected to be available all weekend until 7:30 PM on Sunday night. Students working late with their teams are welcome to bring sleeping bags and stay in the VentureLab space overnight, though this is not required. A member of VentureLab staff will be present at all times.

Will you provide meals?

We provide all meals from dinner on Friday through dinner on Saturday as well as snacks. We will provide vegetarian options, but if you have any other particular dietary needs, please let us know by emailing info@venturelab.org.

How do I participate in the next event?

Head on over to our application page here.   If you’d like to help organize or get involved in some other way, just shoot us an email at hetali@venturelab.org.

How can I get involved?

VentureWeekend is a passionate group interested in creating a culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship at universities and in the San Antonio community. If you share similar goals and would like to donate your time, money, or expertise, please contact us at hetali@venturelab.org

Who is the organizing team?

Check out the VentureLab team.